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Techno-Resiliency Defined!

By Podcasts

This is a podcast I did prior to the launch of my book in response to many requests I had for a podcast based on the question, ‘What exactly is techno-resiliency’?  This is a term I created and defined as a doctoral student at Lancaster University in the UK many years ago. This podcast offers some conversation on how I came to define it and better understand it through my research and lived professional experiences. You will also see another podcast I did entitled, ‘Teaching Screenagers’…this was something I created for my ‘educator’ audience in 2011 and it was well received. I think you will find it is still very much relevant today. Enjoy!

PS I offer workshops and presentations on these topics and others…I love to present and to inspire!

The Essence of the Mandate to Be Great in the News!

By News

The true essence of my message and the work I do was captured in a wonderful news article published by the Parry Sound Star. I grew up in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada and it was wonderful to reflect on some childhood memories as they relate to my Mandate to Be Great.

How are you doing your ‘Home Work’ Zoom Seminar with McMaster University

By News

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to share with more than 140 registered participants on a Zoom platform through the McMaster University Continuing Education department about the challenges and opportunities working from home provides. Using content from my soon to be released book, ‘The Mandate to Be Great: 5 Traits of Techno-Resilient People and Organizations’, I challenged the corporate participants and interested parties to look at ‘home work’ through a much different lens. Using techno-resiliency as a framework for understanding and developing the unique skill-set  that working from home requires really makes sense in the ‘new world’ in which we live. If you are interested in having a similar workshop conducted for your business or organization I would welcome the opportunity to offer the same level of inspiration and insight I offered the McMaster University business partners.

I look forward to working with you!