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Life Skills Mentorship for Athletes

Today young athletes are faced with the challenges of balancing school and the added pressures and expectations of playing competitive sports. Learning how to become ‘resilient’ in the face of the adversity that is a part of sport and life is an essential skill set!

Learning to balance school, sports life and personal expectations is not easy!
The need for mentorship on how to find balance and how to ‘overcome versus be overcome’ by the challenges presented by sports and in life has never been greater.

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Sports Life Skills Mentorship Program

As a young goalie in ice hockey nobody ever told me I was going to be scored on!

Learning how to deal with failure and accept it as an essential part of the game was something I struggled with.

Today, I have incorporated my 22 years experience as a goalie coach, 25 years as an award winning educator, combined it with my own experiences as a hockey player, and infused it with my research in the field of resiliency to create an engaging and effective program for athletes!

One of my main principles is, ‘We are never judged by a bad performance or game…we are always judged by our response to it’!

If you are looking for a highly creative and inspiring mentorship program that will help you or your athlete ‘be better, do better and make others around you better’…you have found it!

Step One

Reach out to me to see if your athlete or organization is a suitable fit for any of my programs.

Step Two

Use the Calendly link I send you to reserve a spot!


My favourite saying is…

“You are never judged by a mistake, you are always judged by your response to it”.

Some Positive Outcomes Will Be:

  • An enhanced understanding of how a positive growth mindset can elevate their game both on and off the ice (or field, or court)!
  • An awareness of, and understanding of how to become more resilient in life and in sport
  • An ability to use proven strategies for how to manage stress and performance deficits related to ‘fear of failure’
  • An appreciation for how to better ‘chase the experience and not the
    dream’…to live in the moment
  • An ability to set SMART goals

Credibility Check!

  • Phd in the field of Technology Enhanced Teaching & Learning from world-ranked Lancaster University in the UK
  • Health & Physical education additional qualifications from the University of Toronto
  • 10 years as a University professor in a Faculty of Education
  • 11 years as an Intermediate grade 7/8 school teacher
  • National award winning researcher
  • Taught physical education in Hawaii and conversational English in Japan
  • bestselling author
  • Nipissing University Distinguished Alumni award winner

What To Expect

The Life Skills Mentorship programs I offer are customizable to individuals, teams, coaches, and parents. Spots are limited for the individual programs. If teams are looking for a motivating and inspirational group session these are available in-person and via Zoom.


Using Zoom software allows an ‘anywhere, anytime’ medium for connecting. Athletes can connect from anywhere for a one-on-one session. In this way, inspiration and insight on how to ‘do better, be better and make others better’ is always available. I recommend one 1/2 hour session bi-weekly.


Many times throughout the year coaches and teams are looking for unique ways to inspire and motivate their players. I offer unique in person and virtual ‘Inspiration’ sessions that are custom designed to address the specific challenges and needs of your team. They are highly motivational, engaging, and cost effective. Coaches have reported seeing immediate benefits.


Using my research and experience based insights, I can provide hockey associations and their affiliate coaches with insights on how to motivate and inspire. As a goalie coach, I offer a session entitled, ‘How All Coaches Can Be Goalie Coaches’. As well, I offer a unique session for how parents can better support their child and their coach throughout the season.

What others are saying…

“Our son has had the privilege of working with Rob, a dedicated professional specializing in the mental aspects of hockey. As parents, we were seeking to help our son elevate his performance on the ice as well as his mental well being.

From the initial consultation, it was evident that Rob possessed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that hockey players face, both mentally and physically. His approach with the athlete was not solely focused on performance-related issues but also focused on overall mental resilience and well being.

One of the standout qualities of this service was that Rob was diligent in creating a personalized and tailored program. He took the time to understand our son's specific goals, strengths, and areas of improvement, crafting a plan that directly addressed his needs as a high performance athlete. All the strategies and techniques used were not only effective but resonated with our son on a personal level.

Throughout the sessions, Rob was able to demonstrate a remarkable ability to break down complex mental concepts into practical, actionable steps. His communication style is clear, supportive and motivating, creating an environment that fostered trust and openness. Rob encouraged our son to explore and understand his thought patterns, emotions, and reactions in various scenarios on and off the ice.

As parents, we appreciated the emphasis that was placed on building mental resilience and coping strategies for high pressure situations. His guidance has not only enhanced our son's performance during games but has also positively impacted his overall mental well being off the ice.

Rob's expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to athlete's development makes him an invaluable asset for any player looking to unlock their full potential on and off the ice. We recommend Rob to fellow athletes seeking to gain a competitive edge through mental strength and resiliency.”

Parent of OHL Drafted Hockey Player

“Rob Graham is an intelligent, energy filled educator who immediately captivates a room with his presence. He inspires those he works with off the ice in his presentations and on the ice as a goaltender instructor!”

Chris Dawson, GM/VP of Hockey Operations- Powassan Voodoos (Junior A Tier 2)

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