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Strategic consulting, hands-on training and customized solutions for the newly technology-driven workplace.

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Have you taken a step back to take the temperature of your organization lately?

As the leader of a team, organization, institution or community, you have the drive to thrive. Though in this new, post-pandemic world, technology (or the fact that you’re been thrust into it) isn’t always on your side.

Being forced into operating a technology-driven organization can expose inequities like lack of training, know-how and resources—all of which have been magnified post-pandemic. It can feel overwhelming as you search for the cure to your paining organizational culture.

Today, more than ever, your organization needs inspiration and innovation. It needs the technology and psychological responsiveness that will allow everyone involved and the organization as a whole to thrive.

When you don’t have the time and energy to support all that is required to navigate today’s challenges and thrive as a techno-resilient workplace, we step in to consult, strategize and support as your Private CTRO (Chief Techno-Resiliency Officer)!

We are your private CTRO

Our goal as your Private CTRO is to help you shape a Techno-Resilient workplace, where employees are committed to hurdling challenges and feeling united in a common Mandate for Greatness!

When you hire Dr. Rob as your Private CTRO, we work alongside you as the leader and integrate into your team, walking you through every step from overcoming current challenges and motivating your team, to creating customized technology strategies and becoming fully Techno- ResilientTM.

Together we will…

  • Create internal capacity & knowledge assets
  • Outline and incorporate a guiding mandate to move your team into motivated action
  • Better comprehend and build workplace morale in the wake of post-pandemic challenges
  • Design a support system for the completion of your team’s ‘home’work
  • Work to develop a psychologically-responsive workplace amid mental and emotional challenges
  • Detail professional practices to overcome any lack of resources, finances, motivation, technology or know-how
  • Develop a rejuvenated workplace skill set and guiding mental framework to heighten and inspire workplace Techno-Efficiencies
  • Discover cost-effective, user-friendly technology solutions
  • Collectively build a workplace that is both Techno-Resilient and Techno-Efficient

How we work

When you hire Dr. Rob as your Private CTRO, we work alongside you as the leader and integrate into your team, walking you through every step from overcoming current challenges to stepping into full Techno-Resiliency™.

Month 1

Mandate to Be Great Introductory Workshop, Techno-Resiliency™ Audit

To get going, we need to be clear on where we are going. Together, we create a driving professional imperative to move and motivate your team into action going forward.

Month 2

The Must-Have “5 Traits of Techno-Resilient People & Organizations” Training

Diving deeper than the initial techno-resiliency audit, we take a close look at where you stand on the 5 required traits that ensure your ability to be a techno-resilient workplace and collectively strategize on how to improve this skill set.

Month 3

Barriers + Bridges = Breakthroughs: Overcoming Lack Of’s
(Resources, Finances, Motivation, Technology, Know-How)

Together, we put in place the strategies and policies to take you from feeling overcome by lack of’s to overcoming them!

Month 4

Building a Drive to Thrive: Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration

From the big-picture to the most attentive human details, we plan a techno-resilient strategy that expands through the organization, creating “communities of practice,” even in a work-from-home workplace.

Month 5

Creating a Kingdom of FREEdom

Let’s put the strategies and plans in place that allow your team to thrive using the most cost-effective, user-friendly technology solutions.

Month 6

Techno-Leader Mentorship Program

1:1 coaching with key organization leaders to guide and ensure sustained Techno-Resiliency and Techno-Efficiency

What others are saying…

"I have known Dr. Rob Graham for over a decade. I was studying with him at Lancaster University at a time when he was shaping his pioneering and innovative theory of Techno-Resiliency. Rob’s pragmatic ‘Make IT Happen’ approach provides a unique and inspirational foundation for organizational development."

Dr Andy Hollyhead, PhD, MA, BSc (Hons), BAAssociate Lecturer, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK; Former Associate Professor & Lead Academic, Governance and Assurance Hub, Birmingham City University

"Dr. Rob Graham has been a huge inspiration to everyone he meets, myself included. He brings an unbridled passion for helping and teaching others that is matched not only by his enthusiasm, but also his knowledge of teaching and learning principles. Through his engaging personality, Dr. Graham demonstrates a unique, professional and creative approach in teaching students that reaches everyone involved. He is truly inspirational, a great mentor and he is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure he makes a positive difference to the lives he touches."

Doug SandersOwner/Operator, Top Shelf Athletics

"Rob's professionalism and expertise in interacting with our students are second to none. As a welcomed favorite among both coaches and students, Rob has the ability to consistently find innovative and inspiring ways to connect course material to clients young and old. His positive attitude, diverse background, and inherent skills in being relatable with others via his teaching methods make Rob the complete package!"

Dan SpenceOwner/Operator, 360 Goaltending

"Dr. Rob Graham is the leader in the conceptualization and practice of techno-resiliency. A well-regarded thinker and scholar in the educational technology space, Rob understands that our contemporary world can only go forward if we bring the ideal of techno-resiliency to all aspects of work, business, and life in general. He inspires those looking for a better and brighter world to learn how to leverage technology in unique and life-affirming ways. In our post-pandemic world, Rob’s teachings could not be more important."

Dr. Lorraine CarterDirector, McMaster University Continuing Education

"Rob Graham is an intelligent, energy filled educator who immediately captivates a room with his presence. He truly inspires those he works with."

Chris DawsonGM/VP, Hockey Operations, Powassan Voodoos

“Dr. Rob Graham is knowledgeable, engaging, and an award-winning professor. More importantly, Dr. Graham is a respected team member and colleague who never fails to inspire his students and the professionals he works with.”

Dr. Glen SharpeAssociate Professor of Education, Nipissing University

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