Me, Myself, and Why?

rob_workportraitAs a professional educator for more than 22 years, I have taught close to 10 000 students and adults across a wide spectrum of learning environments. Some of these experiences include teaching appointments in Japan and Hawaii. Throughout these experiences I have come to view the role of teacher as someone who is obligated to offer more than just knowledge. I believe it is our obligation to inspire, engage, and creatively connect the learning with the interests and ambitions of the learners we are teaching. I have also come to realize connecting in this regard is not always easy.

Today, opening your mind to the engagement factor that technology can offer a learning environment is something educators must consider.

I am hopeful that as I further develop this website some aspect of a community of practice will be realized where more than just information will be shared…..a vital source of inspiration will be obtained via our shared stories about professional practices related to the field of technology enriched learning.

Professional Info:

Ph.D.    e-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University, England , 2013
M.Ed    Education, Nipissing University, 2008
B.Ed    Education, Nipissing University, 1994
B.A. Hons.    Nipissing University, 1992

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